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Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Why do you sell this stuff?

OSR sells the items in the store as a service to the community.  Believe it or not, we don’t make any profit on anything that we sell here.  Because the store is really a service, and we don’t make any profit, the rules we use for selling and shipping items may be a bit more limiting than those you’ll find on, say, Amazon.

How are my packages sent?

All orders are shipped “best way” as determined by our staff — We typically use US Postal Service Priority Mail for orders shipped to the US and US Postal Service Priority Mail Express International for orders shipped outside the US. This typically results in 3-4 day delivery for U.S. destinations. Shipping to non-U.S. destinations can be as little as 3-5 days, and as long as 3-4 weeks. Most delays on international orders are related to customs clearance in the destination country, and are entirely outside OSR’s control. Any applicable sales taxes or duties are not included in the cost, and are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

How do you calculate shipping and handing charges?

Shipping and handling is based on the estimated total shipping weight of your order (including packing materials). We also add on a small per-order handing charge. This amount of this charge is clearly described whenever you display the contents of your shopping cart.

Can I pick up my purchased items at OSR instead of waiting for delivery?

No. OSR does not have a retail outlet at its offices. If you come to our door, expect a 130lb Bernese Mountain dog to greet you at eye level.

Can I place an order by phone?

No. We’re not setup for phone orders. Online, and credit card only, please.

I need my stuff really, really, fast… Can I specify special or overnight shipping?

Nope. We don’t support choose-your-shipping method.

Do you ship to (insert your country here)?

We’ll ship to most countries that it’s legal for a company in the US to ship stuff to. If you live in Tuvalu, or someplace, and you want to know specifically if we can ship to you, go through the ordering process. Before you provide your credit card number, you’ll be shown the details of your order including shipping charges. If we cannot ship to your country, an appropriate error message will be displayed at that time. (by the way, we don’t actually ship to Tuvalu, but we WILL ship to Togo, if that’s any solace).

Do you have reseller or wholesale pricing?

No.  We only sell to end users.  We do not sell products to re-sellers or wholesalers.  We do not have a reseller certificate/license or whatever might be required from any country.

Do you charge VAT? Will I have to pay import duty on my order?

Sales taxes, VAT, and any import duty are entirely your responsibility. When you place an order via OSR’s store, you explicitly agree to pay, directly to your country’s authorities, whatever charges are legally applicable in your country. We don’t know what these are, and we don’t collect these charges. They are your responsibility.

I live in (insert your country here)… How can I order from you?

Welcome to the internet. Place your order from the store. If the store lets you place your order and you receive an order number, we’ll ship your order to you. Of course, if you live in a country where trouble with the postal mail system is common, you may not actually get your order. But, we’ll ship it. See “I have not received my order” below for more details.

Can I change my order?

If a request to change an order is received prior to shipment, OSR is happy to meet your request. Otherwise, please see “Can I return my order?” below.

Can I cancel my order?

If a request to cancel is received prior to shipment, OSR will be happy to cancel the order and credit any charged funds. Those requests to cancel received after the order has shipped will not be granted. (Please see “Can I return my order?” below.)

Can I return my order?

Customers have 30 days within which they may return an order for refund. The refund will consist of the total price of the product(s) included in the order, minus a 15% restocking fee. There will be no refund on shipping costs. Customers are responsible for return shipping unless the necessity for return is the result of an OSR error. Items not possible to return for refund include software, courseware and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I have not received my order, now what?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help (see: “How can I contact OSR about billing/shipping issues?” below). For non-U.S. destinations, recall that your orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail Express International. This is trackable service and you may use the tracking number provided with your order to determine the status of its delivery. Orders that were not able to be delivered will be returned to OSR. Unless such returns were a result of OSR error, re-shipment of an order will result in additional shipping charges for the customer. Common reasons why shipments are returned include incorrect address, customer refusal to pay customs charges as applicable, or customer failure to pick up at local post office after delivery attempts were made.

How can I contact OSR about billing/shipping issues?

Please send mail to; we’ll be happy to help.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card only. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Contact us to discuss paying via purchase order for multiple quantities of items (like 50 or more of a single item). That would be the only exception to the credit card rule, and even that is at our discretion.

Is this site secure?

Yes.  Both our site, and the site used by our credit card processing company, are secure.

I’m a member of OSR Online.  When I ordered from your store before, I got a discount.  Do I still get a discount for being a member or OSR Online or anything else?

No, sorry.  After many years, we’ve done away with the discounts for OSR Online members.