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Sealevel 8018 Digital I/O Kit

Written by PeterGV on 24 Jun 2014


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Through a very special arrangement with our friends at Sealevel Systems™, we’re able to bring you a great deal on this outstanding 24-port Digital I/O board AND their test board complete with lights and switches.

The device itself is a standard PCI card (shown on the right, above), that measures about 5 inches long and 3 1/2 inches high. The card connects to a test fixture (shown on the left) via a special 50-pin ribbon cable (included).

This is a programmed I/O (PIO) board that is very simple to control from your driver. The board supports 24 one-bit signals that may be configured as inputs or outputs in various configurations. Outputs can be used to light the LEDs on the test board. The switchpacks on the test board can be used to provide inputs. Certain switches in the switchpack can even be set to cause interrupts when they’re switched.

One of the best things about this kit is that after you’ve finished using it to learn about Windows driver development, you have a high-quality industrial control board that you can use for real-world control applications.

The Sealevel Digital I/O Kit includes:

  • 1 Sealevel DIO-24 (model 8018, RoHS compliant) PCI card, supporting 24 channels of digital I/O
  • 1 Sealevel TA01 Test board, with 24 LEDs and switches.
  • 1 custom connecting cable (to connect the 8018 to the TA01), about 1 meter long.
  • The Digital I/O Handbook, a practical guide to Industrial I/O applications.
  • Online documentation describing the board’s functions and use
  • Lifetime warranty, direct from Sealevel Systems, according to their standard warranty policy.

We are grateful to Sealevel Systems for their generosity in making these devices available to the Windows system software development community at such a fantastic price. OSR is making these boards available to the community at cost. These boards are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Sealevel PIO-24 User Manual (with programming Information)

Note: OSR no longer supplies an example driver for this device, nor does the Microsoft WDK contain a sample driver for this device.  It’s a great device for learning, but we do not have an example driver available for it at this time. The only assistance we can provide for people who need help learning how to write a driver for this device is to suggest they take one of our WDF Seminars.

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