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OSR’s Classic Reprints: Windows NT File System Internals

Written by PeterGV on 24 Jun 2014


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Have trouble finding this valuable text? That’s because it’s been out of print for years. Alas, it’s still the only published book on the arcane topic of Windows file system and file system filter driver development. OSR purchased the license rights to this book from O’Reilly and has taken steps to reprint the original content as-is under the OSR Press publishing label, entitled, OSR Classic Reprints: Windows NT File System Internals.

The high level table of contents for this book is as follows:

  • Windows NT System Components
  • File System Driver Development
  • Structured Driver Development
  • The I/O Manager
  • The NT Virtual Memory Manager
  • The NT Cache Manager (I, II, III)
  • Writing A File System Driver (I, II, III)
  • Filter Drivers

Again, please note that the original contents of this book (circa 1997) have not been updated for this reprint. Given the core file system interface in Windows has not drastically changed (like other driver models in Windows ), this book is still valuable to the Windows file system and filter driver development community.

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