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OSR’s Classic Reprints: Windows NT Device Driver Development

Written by PeterGV on 24 Jun 2014


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By Peter Viscarola and Tony Mason

OSR Press is pleased to announce the availability of OSR Classic Reprints: Windows NT Device Driver Development.For years, this has been the definitive and comprehensive technical reference for software engineers, systems programmers, and any engineer who needs to understand Windows NT systems internals. While this text has a fresh new look on the outside, the text, pictures, code samples and references on the inside are vintage 1998.Nevertheless, the book retains a tremendous amount of value in its clear (erudite even) descriptions of the Windows NT operating system architecture and internals; information on the implementation of standard Windows NT kernel mode drivers; Key details on the workings of Windows NT I/O Manager; and detailed technical discussions on interrupt management and synchronization issues.

Note: Hideously out of date sections from the Appendix of the original publication have been removed from this edition, and source examples are no longer available.


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