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OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit (V2)

Written by PeterGV on 24 Jun 2014


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Learn how to write USB 2.0 drivers for Windows using the clever little USB device. The OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit V2 is the latest update to our wildly successful OSR USB FX2 kit. The kit is based on the very popular and well-known Cypress Semiconductor USB FX2 chipset.
The board supports both high-speed and full-speed operation. In addition to the mandatory control endpoint (endpoint 0), the board implements 3 endpoints:

  • An interrupt endpoint. The board sends data to the system indicating the current state of its switchpack each time a switch position it changed.
  • A pair of bulk endpoints in a loopback configuration. Data sent to the board is looped back to the system. The board lights one bar in the vertical bar-graph display (on the left of the board) for each 10 data packets sent on its bulk endpoint.

The board implements selective suspend and can be used to wake the system under driver control via the button at the top of the board.

The board also supports Vendor commands (via endpoint 0) to get the state of the various displays or the switchpack, and to set the state of the various displays on the board.

Because we know that you’ll have this board hanging around in your office, attached to your test machine, sitting on heavens-knows what kind of surface, the bottom of the board is equipped with slip-resistant plastic feet. Not only do the feet protect the back of the board, preventing nasty short circuits, but they also makes the board a bit more stable and slip-resistant.

The OSR USB FX2 V2 Learning Kit board is a “green” RoHS compliant device. Though more expensive to manufacture, the board has no significant amounts of harmful substances (such as lead, mercury and cadmium).

The OSR USB-FX2 V2 Learning Kit includes:

  • The board itself (approx 3×3.5 inches)
  • Online documentation describing the board’s functions

Example drivers, illustrating both KMDF and UMDF technologies, are included in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) available free from Microsoft.  Note: OSR does not supply, support, or maintain these drivers.  They written by and provided by Microsoft.

To be completely clear: We built this board for the express purpose of having an inexpensive board that can be used to help people learn to write USB drivers for Windows. This is the only way we support you using it. This board is definitely not designed to be a hardware example of how to build a USB device, and in fact it (quite deliberately, to keep the cost low) violates a number of Cypress design recommendations. If you want a cute device to use to learn how to write USB drivers for Windows, this is almost certainly the board for you. If you want to design a USB device, we do not support the board for this use.

Our sincere thanks to engineer and community member John Nesselhauf, who worked with us to design the original version of this board for the benefit of the community. OSR is making this board available to OSR Online members at cost. This board is designed and manufactured in the United States.

OSR USB-FX2 Driver Developer Docs

Please Note: The board has a USB-B connector (that’s the smaller, squarish USB connector). You will therefore need a USB-A to USB-B cable. If you don’t have one, you can order a 6′ cable from us as an option, for an extra $4.00. It’s not a great quality cable, but it works, and hey: What do you expect for $4??

As with all products and services from OSR, support for your new device is just a click away. Email us at if you require assistance.

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