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Do You Ship to My Country? How Much is Shipping?

Written by OSR on 3 Dec 2015


We frequently get questions from people outside the US, who ask us:

  • Will you ship to my country?
  • How much will it cost?

The answer is: We’ll ship anywhere the US Postal Service will send a package using Priority Mail Express International, which is just about anyplace.

It’s easy to see if we’ll ship to you and find out how much the shipping will cost.  Just put the item(s) in your cart and then click View Cart (on the right side of the window).

When looking at your cart, click the green Calculate Shipping label.  There, you can enter your country, state/province/county, and postal code… and we’ll tell you how much shipping will cost.

See… it IS easy!

See our list of Frequently Asked Questions on this page.



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